Monday, 3 December 2018

More Roof Photos

The metal roofing was completed just in time in late September/early October, but I forgot to post photos! These were over the coarse of a few days, taken either before I left for work or after I got back. Lots got done while I wasn't there!
10 inches of fancy rockwool insulation.

Everything custom cut

So much insulation that now the roof is a good foot taller than it was. Added some matching metal to the sides, and then painted the remaining exposed wood with special hydrophobic paint.

Put eavestroughs up but I don't seem to have photos of that.

Will have to tinker with the sky vents in the spring. Their opening mechanism needs changing because of the additional height to the roof added by the insulation.

One pooped pup.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Summer 2018 recap

Wow I haven't posted in a year! This summer (2018) we finished fencing our entire 10 acres. About 1/3 of each of two sides we had previously done, so we finished those two sides, and put fence posts and fencing along the remaining two sides. IT was a lot of work.

As for the earthship, we should have the metal roofing on within the next week or so. Rain in August and now September has been delaying things. Here are some progress pics:

To try things our floor-wise, we put down poly (vapour barrier) on half the floor, followed by 4 inches of rigid foam insulation, then osb plywood. We'll see how it goes heat-wise on our feet. The flooring is just temporary and we'll likely redo it next year, with some 2x4's framing around the insulation so we have something to staple the osb to, to keep it from shifting around.

Friday, 29 September 2017

All closed in!

The framing is all done! Had a local crew led by Scott Ramsay do the job. He's got loads of experience working on custom projects in the area. 
Inside. Black pipes sticking out are connected to the cisterns for water intake.

View of one of the skylight boxes from below.

Hylea checking out the new digs.

View from the roof. Skylights to the left, cisterns to the right.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Bond beam and buttresses done!

So many updates! We've finished the bond beam and buttresses with no problems. They look fantastic! Hired a local guy who does all sorts of custom jobs for farmers in the area.

Zilla checking things out and making sure the guys are working hard and being safe.